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Why Hire The Law Office of James Treanor?

We have been handling Social Security Disability cases for over 25 years. So, we know how unfair the application process can be and what a huge difference getting benefits can make. That is why we work hard to get each client benefits as quickly and as early in the application process as possible.
We will be by your side beginning with the initial application. This includes putting together a plan for you to get benefits, making sure all the social security forms are completed properly, obtaining your medical records and statements from your doctors, making the appropriate legal arguments, preparing your testimony at the hearing, and when necessary appealing.

Over 25 years of experience handling Social Security Disability and SSI claims.

Initial Applications-Hearings-Federal Court

No Fee until you win. The only time you pay a fee is if you are awarded back benefits. The fee is a percentage of your back disability monies.

Contact us in Toms River, NJ to schedule an appointment. We offer services throughout South and Central New Jersey including Toms River, Brick, Lakewood and Camden.

Why I Specialize in Social Security Disability and SSI?

Early in my career, I represented a woman in her 50s who was schizophrenic. She had no family or money and had been homeless for many months. I was able to persuade a local church to provide her with temporary housing and then won her SSI benefits.

I remember visiting her in her apartment after we won the case and seeing the huge difference in her demeanor - from being overwhelmed and almost catatonic when I first met her to now have the comfort of knowing that she would never have to be homeless again. I knew then that my legal career would be devoted to helping people change their lives.

Since that day, I have been representing my clients in their Social Security claims with passion, compassion and commitment to get them the benefits they deserve! I pride myself on taking the burden off of my clients' shoulders and helping them through the Social Security system as quickly and easily as possible.

No Fee Until You Win

The only time you pay a fee is if you are awarded benefits. The fee is a percentage of your back disability monies. You never pay any money upfront.

Contact us in Toms River, New Jersey to schedule an appointment with our experienced Social Security attorney Jim Treanor. We offer services throughout southern and central New Jersey including Toms River, Brick, Lakewood, Jackson and Camden.


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Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal programs that provide monthly cash benefits and health coverage to disabled individuals. The average benefit is around $1,300 per month. The Law Office of James Treanor represents people in their SSD and SSI claims at all stages of the application process, i.e. initial applications, hearings and appeals including federal court.